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Azul Platform Prime Stream Builds Are Now Free for Evaluation and Development

More big changes to how Azul licenses Azul Platform Prime are here. Following our changes to Azul Platform Prime pricing, we are now changing our licensing terms to make Stream Builds of Azul Platform Prime free for evaluation and development. 

Here are the new evaluation terms for Azul Platform Prime: 

  • Stream Builds are free for evaluation, and development. We have removed the license check mechanism in all editions of Azul Platform Prime. 
  • You need a license to use a Stream Build in a production environment. If you want to evaluate Azul Platform Prime in your production environment, just contact us. (We highly recommend testing Azul Platform Prime in production, as Azul Platform Prime shines best when run under real production conditions.) 
  • Stable Builds require a license for any use. 

Here’s a quick refresher on the difference between Stream Builds and Stable Builds: 

  • Stream BuildsStream builds are released monthly and contain all new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements that are ready for production. Updates are not provided on Stream Builds, only on Stable Builds. So internal Azul fixes and, more importantly, OpenJDK CPU and PSU fixes only make their way into Stream Builds in the monthly release after they were introduced in Stable Builds. 
  • Stable BuildsA new Stable Build line is forked every six months. Stable builds provide maximum stability by only incorporating critical bug fixes from OpenJDK and Azul and not incorporating new features and non-critical enhancements from Stream Builds. All CPUs, PSUs, and Azul Platform Prime critical fixes are released as upgrades to this code line. CPUs delivered within 48 hours of their release on OpenJDK. 

For more information, see the Azul Platform Prime Roadmap

What does this change mean for you? 

  • You can try out Stream Builds of Azul Platform Prime with no time limits and without having to contact Azul 
  • If you are developing tools like profilers and IDEs, you can now develop support for Azul Platform Prime without having to ask for a license. 
  • Removing license checks provide a smoother integration into virtualized and containerized production flows. 

So download Azul Platform Prime today and see the difference our hyper-optimized Java runtime can make in your environment.