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Azul Showcases 45% More Throughput for Apache Kafka Streaming at Current 2023

This year’s data streaming event from Confluent that had it all – including showcasing how a Java runtime can reduce latency and increase throughput.   

Attendees discovered a better Java runtime that helps carry more load capacity across nodes within a Kafka cluster – one of the biggest takeaways from Azul’s session. Booting Kafka Performance in a Day.

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In fact, some visitors were surprised to learn that switching from OpenJDK to a modern Java Virtual Machine (JVM) improves performancewith minimal engineering effort and no re-architecture!

Jiří Holuša, senior product manager for Azul’s Platform Prime, left some specific takeaways:

The choice of JVM can drastically affect Kafka‘s performance

  • By improving Kafka performance, you can address the pain points – speed, response times, and cost
  • Azul Platform Prime is the fastest JVM out there
  • It‘s not just for Kafka – it works any for Java application!
  • These are not optimizations you can do manually as a developer
READ THE DATA SHEET: lower costs with Apache Kafka and Azul Platform Prime
Lower costs with Apache Kafka and Azul Platform Prime. Read the data sheet
CHART: In tests, Azul Platform Prime achieved 45% higher throughput compared to vanilla OpenJDK>

Congratulations to Our Azul Lotto Winners! 

The best highlights included this year’s winners of Azul’s swag!  Everyone who stopped by won a free T-shirt or Hat – but these lucky winners took home the best prizes: 

In Case You Missed It – We Got You Covered 

Sorry if we missed you – here are the top conversations we had with attendees:  

  • How to deliver 45% higher maximum throughput with our Java runtime 
  • Ways to drive superior application speed & stability  
  • Improve performance with no code changes or re-architecture 
  • How to eliminate pauses and time-outs  
  • Get more carrying capacity and reduce cloud waste 

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