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Java 7 is Going, Going…

Oracle has announced that after April 2015, updates for Java SE 7 will no longer be posted to the public download sites: Java 7 will be End of Life (EoL). If you haven’t yet upgraded to Java 8, or if you’ve made the decision to stay on an earlier version of Java, we encourage you not to run unsupported! Many regulators require timely updating and patching of your IT systems, and unfortunately Java has not been entirely free of security issues. Before you sign that expensive support contract, know that you have options.

First, you can switch to Zulu Enterprise, our 100% open source builds of OpenJDK™ and get affordable, world-class support from Azul. We’re the only company in the market completely dedicated to Java and the JVM, so you speak to one of our experts on the very first call. No runaround, forwarding or screening. You’ll get:

  • Timely updates (and optionally access to some ahead of time) and security patches
  • Java SE 8, 7 and 6 compliant, fully certified builds tested against the full Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) test suite
  • Seamless migration, with no porting required

To get started, simply download Zulu and try it out with your apps. Zulu is available for multiple flavors of Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and you can deploy it on bare metal, in the cloud, in virtualized environments or using Docker.

Second, you can switch to Azul Zing. Zing is a better JVM with better metrics, and the only one that can handle heap sizes up to 1 TB (yes, that’s Terabyte!) without pausing. It’s ideal for interactive, transactional, low latency or big data applications, but Zing helps all Java applications run better. Zing is also backed by Azul’s affordable, world class support and is available for Java SE versions 8, 7 and 6. Like Zulu, it’s certified compatible, so no porting is required. You can also try Zing for free by requesting a trial copy.

The clock is ticking on Java 7 from Oracle. As you read this, the last expected posting to the public download site is less than one month away. With new options available, there’s no excuse for running unsupported, and switching to Azul will save your business money on Java 7 support and give you more flexibility to upgrade on your schedule.