If your business is based on Java, you need to make some choices, soon.

Your ability to get free security patches and bugfixes for Java 8 ends in January 2019. The details are on the Oracle website.

If you would prefer to look at an alternative source for security updates and platform fixes for Java 8 and beyond, we invite you to consider Zulu Enterprise.

Zulu Enterprise builds of OpenJDK are available for Linux, Windows, macOS, and Solaris. Builds are available for Java SE 8, as well as Java 6, 7, and 9. And with Azul, you not only get bugfixes and timely security updates, you also get access to our award-winning Support team.

Need some more details? We’ve highlighted some of the changes in the Java release cadence here and here.

Keeping Java stable and secure is essential for every Java-based business.  And sadly, time is running out on Java 8.

If you would like to review your options, we are ready to help. Start with the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.


Team Azul

We're counting down to the last free Oracle Java 8 update - what's your plan?


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