Azul vs. Oracle Java SE
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Instantly see the difference between Azul Platform Core and Oracle Java SE subscription costs.

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Simply enter the number of desktops and/or servers and you’ll see how much you can save. If it’s easier for you to use processors as a subscription metric, please contact us for help.

Just think — timely security updates, great Azul support, and 100% open source Java from JDK 6-15. All at price points substantially below Oracle. What’s not to like?

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Use our simple calculator tool to quickly see how much you can save by switching from Oracle Java SE to Azul (we guarantee it’s at least 30%).

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*Calculations based on an estimate of 4 vCores per Oracle processor on x86/x64.

**If Java estate greater than max in calculator, please contact Azul to confirm price information (but savings will be even greater).