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The Zulu® Cryptography Extension Kit (“Zulu® CEK”) provides pluggable policy JAR files to set the effective cryptographic level for the whole JDK/JRE. Zulu® ships with strong (128 bit) encryption, the standard level for OpenJDK. The Zulu® CEK provides an upgrade to ‘unlimited’ key sizes. The Zulu® CEK consists of one file named ZuluJCEPolicies.zip and is independent of platform and Java level, so it can be applied to any Zulu® installed set.

Some countries have import control restrictions on encryption strength. The version of the Zulu® encryption policy files that are shipped standard with Zulu® downloads is “strong” but key length is limited.  This Zulu® CEK downloadable add-on provides “unlimited strength” policies which contain no restrictions on cryptographic strength.

The Zulu® CEK download file does not contain any encryption functionality by itself. All encryption providers and functionality for each Java level is already provided within Zulu®‘s regular JDK and JRE packages. You will need to have Zulu® installed to deploy and use the Zulu® CEK.

Your use of the Zulu® CEK and its unlimited strength levels must adhere to your local laws, and you should seek
legal counsel to precisely determine your own regional laws and limits in effect.

To download the Zulu® CEK, you must first acknowledge its Terms of Use (reference below). After download, review the supplied README.txt file for instructions on applying the Zulu® CEK.

License and Terms

This download is part of the Zulu® product and is governed by same License and Terms notices. The license notice can be found on in the documentation included within the Zulu® CEK download.

By downloading software from this page, you agree to the Terms of Use.

Zulu® Cryptography Extension Kit

Download Zulu® Cryptography Extension Kit


The Zulu® product, its standard cryptography framework and included encryption functions, and the Zulu® CEK, have been reviewed for general US export.

The OpenJDK architecture on which Zulu® is based allows cryptographic strength to be configured through the use of policy files. Some countries restrict the import of cryptographic strengths above a certain level. The Zulu® CEK policy files in this download extend cryptographic strength to an unlimited level. The 128-bit cipher length in regular OpenJDK exists by default to meet lowest common denominator import controls worldwide, since in certain countries 128-bit strength is the maximum allowed for import. Your use of the Zulu® CEK and its unlimited strength levels must adhere to your local laws, and you should seek legal counsel to precisely determine your own regional laws and limits in effect.

Please consult your export/import control counsel or attorney to determine the exact requirements for your jurisdiction.

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