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Azul Platform Prime Named Cloud Infrastructure Solution of the Year

Azul Platform Prime has been named Cloud Infrastructure Solution of the Year for its exceptional performance in reducing cloud infrastructure costs while enhancing application performance.

Azul Platform Prime has been awarded Cloud Infrastructure Solution of the Year by the Tech Ascension Awards.

As a commercial distribution of OpenJDK, Azul Platform Prime offers superior performance, consistency, and efficiency, backed by 24×7 support. It excels in improving application performance and latency, optimizing cloud costs, and enabling application modernization without the need for code changes.

“In today’s data-driven age, innovation in cloud technology is more crucial than ever,” said David Campbell, CEO of Tech Ascension Awards. “This year’s winners exemplify the cutting-edge advancements and leadership that are driving the industry forward. Their contributions are not only enhancing cloud technology capabilities but also empowering businesses to achieve new heights of efficiency and performance.”

With unique features like rapid warmup, nhanced JIT Compiler and pauseless garbage collection, Platform Prime stands out for its ability to deliver consistency, faster code execution, and increased engineering efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • Application Performance and Latency Improvement – drive more transactions from the same hardware, increase stability for microservices & accelerate Java performance to meet performance SLAs – even as loads increase.
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Cost Optimization – educe servers and instances by 20%+, cut cloud compute operating expenses, and increase carrying capacity.
  • DevOps Productivity and Efficiency – avoid unplanned operational stability issues and extensive performance tuning, enabling engineering to accelerate time to market by building and delivering new features faster.

Award-Winning Java Virtual Machine drives cloud cost optimization

Platform Prime helps application and engineering teams and cloud architects focus on maintaining lean and efficient code. Azul’s customers improve performance and efficiency while driving down CPU usage with faster and more efficient Java code execution at higher loads. Top industry vertical use cases include:

  • SaaS: Improve customer experience with faster interactions
  • FinTech: Real-time authorization, fraud detection, and improved transaction speed
  • Big Data: Search massive data sets for instant data or pricing information
  • Ad Tech: Real-time content and ad serving recommendations
  • Gaming: Improve gamer experience for more in-game revenue, and decrease time to market
  • Trading: Peak performance at market open
  • Digital & eCommerce: Maintain consistency against customer traffic volatility

Customer Success Stories

Flatter, more consistent performance gives Mastercard’s fraud detection a substantial advantage.
Customer Success

Mastercard: Real-time Fraud Detection with Azul

Pauseless garbage collection freed up Priceline engineers to go create new value instead.
Customer Success

Priceline Provides Fast, Accurate Data with Azul

Taboola reduced its database server footprint by 50%, contributing to millions of dollars in savings.
Customer Success

Taboola Serves Content to 1.4B People Each Month

Learn more about why Azul Platform Prime won the Cloud Infrastructure Solution of the Year Award in our press release.

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