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Four Things Azul Customers Love After Switching to a Performance JVM

Traditional JVMs based on OpenJDK fall short for many companies – so we offer an alternative. 

When we ask what Azul customers love about doing business with us – the answers typically come down to things like reducing cloud waste; improving application and system performance; scaling DevOps teams to deliver more, faster; and confidence in using award-winning technology. Here’s your deep dive… 

#1 Infrastructure and Cloud Cost Optimization 

Globally, technology leaders are dealing with rising cloud costs and recognize the need to reduce cloud waste. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Cloud spending worldwide is expected to grow 18.5% this year to $576.5 billion, slightly lower than the 18.8% growth forecast for 2022.”  

In many cases this comes down to struggling to leverage committed cloud spend & optimizing instance utilization.   

After switching to Azul, our customers were able to reduce cloud compute instances by more than 20% with faster Java code execution – delivering services with a smaller IT footprint. 

“With Azul Platform Prime, we reduced our front-end server footprint by 30%, which is hundreds of servers…and our database server footprint by 50%. This translates into millions of dollars in savings.” 

Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT, Taboola

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Compared to OpenJDK, Azul Zing delivers faster code that results in fewer compute resources needed for the same workload, lowering cloud bills.

Azul customers love that compared to OpenJDK, Azul Zing delivers faster code that results in fewer compute resources needed for the same workload, lowering cloud bills.
Azul Zing uses fewer compute resources for the same workload, resulting in lower cloud bills.

Azul is commercially available on AWS and Google cloud marketplaces. Azul customers are also leveraging their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) committed spend and apply that spend toward procuring Azul performance JVM. They are enjoying better transaction economics using existing discounts and simplifying procurement using standardized marketplace agreements already in use. 

As of a part of their FinOps strategies, many of our customers are consolidating third-party software spend for larger program discounts. With Azul’s performance JVM, they fine–tune and reduce Java compute consumed to meet allocation targets, all while maintaining performance SLAs.   

Azul customers have better controls over engineering indirect buying power – by simply switching their JVM. The result? More predictable performance optimizations and accelerate feature time to market. 

#2 Application Performance and Latency Improvement 

Before switching their JVM to Zing, many Azul customers were struggling to increase carrying capacity for their Java applications. They were also unable to improve performance at target utilization levels and they spent too much time investigating how to reduce latency outliers for workload consistency.​ 

By switching their JVM, Azul customers can improve application responsiveness & consistency and maintain performance SLAs – even as loads increase – for custom code and Java infrastructure such as Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch and more.   

This is especially critical for gaming workloads where in-game experiences matter the most.  By switching to a performance JVM Supercell increased their gaming application carrying capacity, improving gamer experience while using 20% less CPU (Source: Supercell) ​ 

Customer experience is also critical for retail and e-commerce, AdTech, online travel platforms, and high-performance trading workloads. 

“We have many products that are part of our platform, but the Azul Platform has delivered exceptional value out of the box,” concludes Fay. “It enables us to focus resources directly on growing our business. 

Tom Fay, Chief Operating Officer, MEMX

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#3 DevOps Productivity and Efficiency  

Building and delivering new features faster matters.  Many application owners and engineering teams face challenges in getting products in the hands of internal product teams and business users fast enough.  Delayed projects with increasing ticket backlogs. 

Switching the JVM helps to reduce time spent coding around performance issues and dealing with operational tickets in your live applications.  Azul customers have reduced the time to market and improved the velocity of new features – all while avoiding unplanned performance tuning. 

By switching to a performance JVM, Workday eliminated 95% of operational issues for Java-based HR SaaS applications.  Workday unlocked 42K hours of incremental engineering capacity. (Source: Workday)​

Mastercard also faced similar issues – and switched to Azul to better protect their card holders and merchants.

“Mastercard needs to identify fraud real-time and decline a transaction before any exposure takes place. Oh, and by the way, this work is measured in milliseconds and occurs tens of thousands of times per second.” 

Ted Boehm, Senior Technical Consultant, Mastercard

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Flatter, more consistent performance gives Mastercard’s fraud detection a substantial advantage.

#4 Award-Winning Features 

We were recently recognized as the cloud infrastructure solution of the year by 2024 Tech Ascension Awards and the Gold Stevie American Business Award for the Cloud Application Service category. 

So, how does Prime work?  

Azul Platform Prime includes Azul Zing, an enhanced build of OpenJDK for superior performance, consistency and efficiency.  We start with OpenJDK as the base – then we replace key components with our optimized versions.  Taken together, these deliver the best and most consistent performance at the lowest operating cost of any JVM.  

Azul customers love that we start with OpenJDK as the base. Then we replace key components with our optimized versions. Taken together, these deliver the best & most consistent performance at the lowest operating cost of any JVM on the planet.
  • Faster code execution for faster Java applications. Azul customers optimize their code execution to take full advantage of the latest processors.  Zing delivers improved speculative optimizations with our LLVM-based Falcon JIT compiler. 
  • Greater consistency at higher utilization levels. Azul customers maintain consistent service levels at higher loads.  They are also able to reduce noise in CPU usage over time – and eliminate pauses, jitters and stalls with C4 Garbage Collector – the world’s best pauseless garbage collector. 
  • Improved warm-up with increased elasticity. Dramatically reduces disruptions and glitches caused by adding new instances.  Zing runs at full speed from the outset – and adapts, learns, and propagates optimization profiles using ReadyNow technology. 

Try it for Yourself 

Thousands of enterprises around the world trust Azul for their mission-critical Java applications using a performance JVM that is TCK-verified and based on OpenJDK. 

Azul customers are using our enhanced version of OpenJDK for business-critical Java applications and workloads. 

Download and try Azul Platform Prime with Zing – an enhanced build of OpenJDK. 

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