Azul Introduces Code Inventory The Solution That Identifies Unused and Dead Code for Removal in Production, Saving Developer Time and Money 

Azul Platform Prime

Blazing-fast performance that delivers incredible value.

Formerly Zing

A truly superior Java platform that can cut your infrastructure costs in half.

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that maximizes performance while driving down infrastructure costs.


More Performance

Get more transactions from the same hardware and accelerate Java performance, even as loads increase.


More Savings

Slash capital expenses for servers by as much as 50%, cut operating expenses for cloud services (with no over-provisioning), and drive continuous value.


More Happy Users

Maintain consistent response times, reduce system stalls, and provide better services—all with less infrastructure.

Introducing ReadyNow Orchestrator

Better manage warmup profiles across large fleets of JVMs in containerized environments with Azul Optimizer and Azul ReadyNow Orchestrator.

Unmatched performance that enables the most demanding enterprise applications

Unmatched performance that enables the most demanding enterprise applications.

From big data to payment processing, the demand of today’s advanced applications creates untenable infrastructure costs for the enterprise. Azul Platform Prime transforms the economics of deploying these applications in the cloud, driving down costs and enabling competitive advantage.

Forrester: “Azul Platform Prime achieves 224% ROI.”

Learn how four innovative customers used Azul Platform Prime to reduce total server count, simplify operations, and improve developer productivity—all while driving down operating costs as much as 50%.

“Without Azul Platform Prime, we would be running five times more infrastructure. Azul has allowed us to focus only on our applications. We don’t have to worry about performance.”

Cody Bayer, DevOps Engineer

“Now, our engineering team is able to ignore performance maintenance and spend all their time building features. Yet, we’re a thousand times faster than your typical payment transaction or website. Azul Platform Prime is a big part of the reason for this.”

Brett Vasconcellos, CTO

“Having a product that I don’t have to adjust and change and modify and work with and turn a bunch of switches and dials, has been great, and the support has been excellent. The best that I’ve ever dealt with.”

Ted Boehm, Chief Platform Architect

“Azul Platform Prime allows us to free up a lot of monetary resources to invest in other aspects of the company as well as other new upcoming products.”

Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT

“I’m just as enthusiastic today about Azul Platform Prime as when I started out with the product ten years ago as a performance engineer. Azul removes the toil in operations.”

Attila Bukta, Sr., Director of OMS Service Reliability Engineering
#1 Java runtime icon

#1 Java runtime.

Faster startup icon

Faster warm-up.

Faster code icon

Faster code.

Faster JVM performance icon

Faster JVM performance.

Right-size resources.

Reduce wasted code.

Support Tiers

We offer three levels of enterprise technical support subscriptions to accommodate your business, and application requirements. All backed by our highly trained customer support engineers with extensive knowledge of the JVM, memory management, Java performance issues, and usage of production application visibility tools.

Quarterly Releases
Plus: Out-of-cycle bug fixes & early release access
Plus: Out-of-cycle bug fixes & early release access
Support hours and first response SLA
Business hours, next business day
24x7x365, one hour first response
24x7x365, one hour first response
Limited tickets & phone/email/web support
Unlimited tickets & phone/email/web support
Unlimited tickets & phone/email/web support
SLA for Quarterly CPU
Max 15 days (target same day as Oracle)
Max 7 days (target same day as Oracle)
Max 48 hours (target same day as Oracle)
Research & White Papers

Azul State of Java Survey and Report 2023

Learning Hubs

A Guide to Selecting a Performance Java Runtime

Customer Success

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Why Your Choice of JVM Matters More Than Ever

The best Java support in the industry.
Bar none.

There’s a reason Azul has a 100% customer satisfaction rating: our relentless focus on helping customers unleash the true power of Java.

Product releases that meet or exceed Oracle

Long Term Support (LTS) based on 8+2 year product lifecycle model.

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Expert problem resolution available 24/7

Enjoy follow-the-sun coverage, strict support SLAs, and a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

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Fast, straightforward Java migration

Our drop-in solution and advisory services make it easy to migrate from the Oracle JDK.

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Azul People

Prime Components

Azul Mission Control

Analyze and profile your systems during development and production.

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Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit

The Azul Commercial Compatibility Kit (ZCCK) is designed to ensure compatibility of Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK (Azul’s 100% open source, certified builds of OpenJDK) and Oracle’s proprietary Java SE 6-8.

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Apply time zone definition updates to deployed JDKs.

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Migration Toolkit

Analyze and profile your systems during development and production.

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IcedTea-Web is an open source implementation of Java Web Start.

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jHiccup is an open source tool designed to measure the pauses and stalls (or “hiccups”) associated with an application’s underlying Java runtime platform.

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jRT Socket Response Tool

Accurately track end-user response time in live apps.

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Azul Inspector

Get insight into the system and app settings that affect performance.

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