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Zing® is a full-featured Java runtime enhanced by Azul Systems to work in concert with the operating system. Zing is a better Java runtime than conventional Java virtual machines.

Delivers consistent response times over a smooth, wide operating range with minimal GC and JVM tuning using unique C4 pauseless garbage collection technology:

  • Scales to over 2 TB of heap memory
  • Makes efficient use of today’s multicore processors
  • ReadyNow!™ technology that solves Java warm-up issues
  • Insensitive to data size, concurrent sessions and throughput
  • Grows and shrinks heap memory footprint elastically as needed
  • ‘Insurance’ shared memory pool to survive peaks and leaks
  • ‘Performance’ shared memory pool to keep up with loads
  • No need to get sizing exactly right up front, minimizes tuning time



Zing installs seamlessly into your existing environment in place of your current JVM and requires no coding changes.

To learn more, download the Zing Datasheet here.
Download the Zing datasheet

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