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Zing includes a runtime monitoring and diagnostics tool called Zing Vision. It is a zero overhead, always-on production time monitoring, diagnostic, and tuning tool designed into Zing. Zing is always collecting data as a side effect of work it has to do anyway, which allows systems administrators to use this information—through Zing Vision—without fear of impacting running applications. Zing Vision is accessible via a browser.

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Zing Vision allows IT organizations to:

  • Resolve production issues including Java memory leaks in 1/10th the time—where they happen, when they happen
  • Optimize performance of systems while they are running at full load
  • Deploy applications faster, with less up-front JVM tuning
  • Optimize as you go, if needed
  • Track resources in real time at the instance level
  • Increase application reliability and performance
  • Diagnose unanticipated production situations

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