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Cost Effective OpenJDK Support - Alternative to Oracle Java SE

Zulu Enterprise™ protects Java-based organizations with:
- Security update delivery backed by a strict SLA
- 100% open source builds that are TCK-tested and certified
- A wide variety of packaging and delivery options
- Pricing that is far lower than Oracle Java SE Subscriptions
- Protection from open source license contamination
- Advanced profiling with Zulu Mission Control

Pure Java

Fully tested and certified, Zulu builds of OpenJDK are Java SE standards-compliant.

No Strings Attached

Zulu is OpenJDK, and it is 100% open source -- no proprietary licenses or field of use restrictions.

Use it Anywhere

Client, Server, Desktop, Cloud, or Virtual. Windows, Linux, macOS, or Solaris.

Support when you need it

Get quarterly and out-of-band security updates and bug fixes with an industry-leading support SLA

Secure Java without lock-in risk

Zulu Enterprise support plans are flexible, affordable, and cover any combination of desktops, servers, and containers. Every Zulu build is 100% open source, and every change is contributed back to the OpenJDK community.

Zulu Enterprise Data Sheet

Stay current with quarterly updates

Zulu Enterprise includes the latest advances in OpenJDK provided by its vibrant open source community. Today Zulu Enterprise subscribers have access to Flight Recorder, Zulu Mission Control, and the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.3).

Plus, unlike all free OpenJDK builds, Zulu Enterprise subscribers get quarterly access to CPU updates (containing critical security fixes only) and PSU updates (including security patches, bug fixes, and new features), enabling OPS teams to deploy critical security updates immediately and add less-critical updates later.

Get the Zulu FAQ

Which OpenJDK build is for you?

Trying to make the best choice for your operation, but confused by all the changes in the Java landscape? We've made it simple to understand why Azul offers the best free OpenJDK builds (Zulu Community) and the most cost-effective OpenJDK support option (Zulu Enterprise).

Compare Zulu Enterprise to other OpenJDK builds

Key Features & Benefits


Choose 32 or 64-bit Zulu LTS builds (Java 8, 11 and 7), MTS builds (Java 13, 15), or STS feature releases (Java 12, 14, etc.).

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux (including Alpine Linux), macOS, Solaris, servers, desktops, Docker containers, plus public and private Clouds. Deploy on X86, Arm, or SPARC.


Zulu is verified compliant with the Java SE specifications using the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

Now with cutting-edge monitoring tools

Zulu Enterprise users get Azul Support for Flight Recorder and Zulu Mission Control as part of their subscription.

IP protection

Verified Zulu Enterprise builds undergo license non-contamination certification and provide broad indemnification against IP contamination issues.

Zulu Enterprise

Enterprise-grade Java support with 10+ year lifetime, ensures timely Java platform security updates and bug fixes.

“We are proud to be partners with a leading Java runtime solutions service that is reliable, well-supported and secure. At Software AG, we have used Azul Zulu as well as other products for over a year, and we can say first hand that our customers have remained wholly satisfied with the quality of the Zulu JDK and Azul services."

Dr. Gudrun Gelfand
Senior Director R&D
Software AG

Zulu Enterprise Pricing

Zulu Enterprise is priced on a subscription basis based upon the number of systems supported.

For support on Servers (virtual and/or physical servers), the following pricing applies:

Max # of
(Standard Support)
(Premium Support)
(Platinum Support)
10 $7,100 $8,350 $9,800
25 $14,200 $16,700 $19,600
50 $25,600 $30,100 $35,400
100 $33,900 $39,900 $46,900
500 $75,400 $88,700 $104,400
1,000 $101,900 $119,900 $141,100
2,000 $193,610 $227,800 $268,000
>2000 See Unlimited Pricing in the table below

For support on Desktops (desktop or laptop computers), the following pricing applies:

# of
(Standard Support)
(Premium Support)
(Platinum Support)
1-1,000 $17.85 $21.01 $24.72
1,001-3,000 $14.28 $16.80 $19.76
3,001-10,000 $12.40 $14.59 $17.16
10,001-20,000 $10.71 $12.61 $14.84
20,001-35,000 $8.92 $10.50 $12.35
>35,000 See Unlimited Pricing in the table below

For quantities greater than those shown in the tables above, the following pricing applies:

(Standard Support)
(Premium Support)
(Platinum Support)
Unlimited for
Servers or Desktops
Starting at:
$336,100 $395,400 $465,200

Your Azul Sales representative will provide pricing that matches your specific requirements and help you maximize the value of your Zulu Enterprise Subscription.

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