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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

The industry’s best builds of OpenJDK

We’ve been building and shipping Zulu builds of OpenJDK since 2014. We support more CPU architectures, more package types, and more configuration options. You can get Zulu builds of OpenJDK for Windows, Linux (including Alpine), and macOS — and we have free JavaFX and Mission Control bundles as well. Choose full JDKs or JREs and 32- or 64-bit tar.gz, ZIP, .deb and other package types from the Zulu download page, or connect to our dedicated Zulu repos

Need a support plan? Get security updates and bug fixes at a reasonable price

Oracle’s new roadmap for Java is creating lots of confusion and anxiety throughout the Java community. Free Java security updates and bug fixes for any long-term support build of Java (specifically the widely-adopted Java 8 plus Java 11) are unavailable without an Oracle Java SE support subscription.

Azul’s subscription-based support available with Zulu Enteprise provides an added layer of protection for your Java-based business. With Zulu Enterprise, each major Java SE long-term support version enjoys a 10+ year support lifetime, and our Java and JVM experts can help you resolve issues quickly. Plus, with Zulu Enterprise Medium Term Support (MTS) you get up to 18 months of support for select interim releases of Java, allowing you to take advantage of new features without waiting 3 years for the next LTS release. MTS versions of Zulu are highlighted on the Azul Product Support Roadmap.

Azul’s experienced customer support engineers are completely focused on Java. To find out more about Zulu Enterprise Support or schedule time with an Azul representative, please contact us.

The industry’s best OpenJDK support SLA

Zulu Enterprise Platinum Support customers get timely access to security updates in as little as 48 hours

A rich set of open source monitoring and management tools

Zulu Enterprise subscribers have immediate access to Flight Recorder and Azul’s fully-supported builds of OpenJDK Mission Control. Azul has backported these technologies from OpenJDK 11 to OpenJDK 8. You can download EA builds or review the datasheet of Zulu Mission Control today.

All Zulu builds support virtual and physical desktops and servers 

Our subscriptions cover Java developers and production deployments alike. We run on desktops, servers, cloud instances, virtual machine images, and Docker files. We support Java SE on multiple versions of Windows for desktops and servers, all major Linux distros (including Alpine), Solaris, and macOS. Got a support coverage question? You can contact an Azul expert and we’ll get back to you quickly.

100% open source builds of OpenJDK

Zulu® is a series of enterprise-quality, certified OpenJDK builds that can be deployed across various operating systems, Docker containers, hypervisors, and Cloud platforms. Companies, Java developers, systems administrators, and end-users can now enjoy the full benefits of freely available 100% open source Java with the comfort of world-class OpenJDK support provided by the only company 100% dedicated to Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Read the 451 Group analyst report, “Azul’s Zulu JVM could prove an awkward challenge to Oracle’s Java ambitions“.

No coding changes needed

Zulu® is verified compliant with the Java SE specifications using the OpenJDK Community Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). Zulu can work side-by-side with other JDKs in the same system, allowing you to select the specific JDK you want to use on a per-application basis. Now it’s your choice. See the full list of supported platforms here or pick up a copy of the Zulu Enterprise datasheet here. Download the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit if you have applications that take advantage of specific additional features that Oracle bundles along with the Hotspot JVM in the Oracle JDK.

Support for the latest security standards, including TLS 1.3

Zulu Enterprise builds released after the July 2019 CPU update include OpenJDK 8 support for TLS 1.3. Once available only via OpenJDK 11, Azul has backported TLS 1.3 support to Zulu builds of OpenJDK 8 and open sourced support for this standard. Read the press release or download the code and documentation from the OpenJSSE project on GitHub.

Stop Worrying about Java SE Compliance or Field-of-Use Issues

 As detailed in this blog post, Azul’s Zulu products are 100% open source, certified builds of OpenJDK that are based on the same source code that Oracle uses for its proprietary Java SE offering. Zulu is compliant with Java SE specifications, and has identical performance to the Oracle offering, making it an easy “drop-in” replacement for Oracle HotSpot.

New! Flight Recorder and Mission Control for OpenJDK 8 and 11

Zulu Mission Control is fully-tested build of JDK Mission Control, which was open-sourced by Oracle and is managed as a project under the OpenJDK umbrella. Azul has back-ported the JDK Mission Control code and added support for production applications running on both Java SE versions 8 and 11.

Fully Supported Java for Docker

Zulu® Dockerfiles are simple to get and use and are available for a range of version options. On the Docker Hub, choose from “the latest” (the default), or specific earlier builds of Java. Zulu Dockerfiles make it easy to include fully-supported open source Java in any stack comprised of other Dockerfiles.  Plus, like all Zulu versions, you can take advantage of Azul’s production support options. Read the 451 Research report on Zulu, Docker, and Java here

Zulu® Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK)

Commercial Compatibility Kits (CCK) for Zulu Enterprise contains additional functionality that is not included in the OpenJDK source, but which will help ensure compatibility in applications that take advantage of specific additional features that Oracle bundled into Java SE 6-8. The CCK is free and can be added easily to any Zulu build as part of your normal upgrade or update process. Simply choose and download the CCK version that matches your operating system and Zulu installer type (zip or rpm). The CCK includes the Lucida font family from Monotype™.

Azul has also included a CCK for OpenJDK 11, allowing you to add the Monotype Lucida fonts to your system, helping to ensure compatibility across versions of Java and OpenJDK.

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