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Zing®: the Best JVM for Open Source Software Projects.

The Zing OSS program allows open source committers, academic researchers, and other qualified participants to run and test their OSS project code on the Azul Zing JVM. Built for scale, Zing’s patented pauseless garbage collector (C4) and high-speed LLVM-based Falcon JIT compiler ensure consistent runtime performance with the lowest response latencies on any size JVM heaps (from 1 GB to 8 TBs in a single instance.)

To see if your OSS project qualifies for free (non-production) Zing licenses, please complete the Zing Request for OSS Project Approval form here.

See the full list of Zing supported Linux distros, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, SLES, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux.

  Best JVM for Linux: Azul Zing


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