Zing® is the Best JVM for your Open Source Project.

And it’s Free.

Free open source developer access. Email us at zing_oss@azul.com to request a one-year, renewable license.

Zing is compatible and compliant with the Java SE specification. Zing is optimized for Linux and the best JVM for applications that require:

  • large memory,
  • high transaction rates,
  • low latency,
  • consistent response times and high sustained throughput.


Want to know more? Read Mike McCandless’ Changing Bits blog for his results testing Zing with Apache Lucene™.Zing is simple to install and requires no coding change to your application or open source project code. Because Zing is both elastic and self-healing, tuning is typically reduced to just a few parameters. Simply point your application or startup scripts to use Zing.

 Best JVM for Linux: Azul Zing

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