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Zing® is the Best JVM for your Open Source Project.

And Zing subscriptions are free for open source developers.

 Just download Zing from the Azul repo, then complete the Zing Open Source Program Registration Form and we’ll set you up with a one-year, renewable license key.

The Zing Open Source Developer program allows open source developers, academic researchers, and other qualified participants to build, test and run Java applications on Zing.

Zing solves Java garbage collection problems and Java warm-up problems, and is powered by the Falcon JIT compiler based on the open source LLVM compiler infrastructure.

Start using the best JVM for all your Java-based open source projects. Just register here.

See the full list of supported Linux distros, including Ubuntu, SLES, RHEL, Oracle Linux, Debian, Amazon Linux, and CentOS.

 Best JVM for Linux: Azul Zing


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