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Faster Java = Lower Cloud Costs

Your choice of JVM matters. Choose an optimized Java runtime that runs code faster, uses less compute, and lowers your cloud bill.

Cloud Costs

Faster Code,
Less Compute


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Delivering Lower Cloud Cost & Higher Performance

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Reduced front-end server footprint by 30% and database server footprint by 50%

Decreased CPU use by 20-25% for the same workload.

Would be running 5x more infrastructure without Azul Platform Prime

85% reduction in cost per transaction with cloud-based financial system

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A Java runtime that reduces infrastructure costs while maintaining performance SLAs and improving customer experience.

Performance Driven Applications

Better Customer Experiences

Fast Big Data Technologies

A Way to Control Cloud Costs – Optimize Your Java Runtime


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Azul Platform Prime

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Optimize Cloud Consumption

Consistent JVM performance

Rapid Warm-Up

Faster Frameworks