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Case Study: Delivering Open Source Java on Azure and Azure Stack

When Microsoft decided to make a free open source Java offering available for their Azure and Azure Stack customers, they turned to Azul Systems. Today Azure users can access Zulu builds of OpenJDK free -- backed by Azure Support and Azul Systems.

Delivering Open Source Java SE for Azure

Microsoft wanted to provide their customers with open source builds of Java SE with long-term support that were free of restrictions.

Case Study: Delivering Open Source Java on Azure and Azure Stack

Through Microsoft’s collaboration with Azul Systems, Azure and Azure Stack customers can use tested, certified Zulu Enterprise builds of OpenJDK backed by Azure Support — at no additional cost.

As a result of this new initiative, first announced September 25, 2018, Azure-based Java developers are able to access long-term support (LTS) builds of OpenJDK. These builds include Java 8, 7, and 6, with future LTS builds available when released by Azul Systems. Furthermore, Azure users will also be able to build unlimited Docker images which include the supported Zulu Enterprise builds of OpenJDK using production editions of any Windows or Linux distros available on Azure.

Background: In late 2012, Microsoft approached Azul Systems with a bold proposal: They wanted to offer Java on the Azure Cloud, unencumbered by complex licensing or end-user restrictions.

By the Summer of 2013, Azul Zulu was born and formally launched that Fall at JavaOne. Zulu complies with the Java SE standards for Java 8, 7, and 6, and is fully supported on Windows desktops and servers as well as the Azure Cloud.

Today: Azure and Azure Stack customers can access fully-supported Zulu Enterprise builds of OpenJDK from multiple locations for Windows, Linux, and macOS. For more details, check out this Azure blog post.

“Even as Java moves forward, there are many Java applications that depend on Java 7 and 8. We’re pleased to be able to work with Azul to support Java for our mutual customers, starting from Java 7, ensuring that customers can move forward to new versions of Java at their own pace, with confidence that they’ll be able to run on a compatible, supported, and secure Java platform for many years.”

John Montgomery
Partner Director of Program Management for Developer Tools at Microsoft Corp.

Zulu brings choice to Azure

Zulu is a certified build of the OpenJDK source, and is fully supported by Azul Systems. Each build must pass all the tests in the OpenJDK Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) – as well as Azul’s robust test suite that has been growing since the company’s launch in 2002.

Azure developers can also purchase support services from Azul Systems, and fully customized support plans are available as well. Getting started is simple – just search the Azure Marketplace for “zulu” and you are on your way.

Ready to use

Ready to use

Zulu on Azure is 100% open source. There are no license charges and no field of use restrictions.



Zulu is a certified build of OpenJDK, ready for immediate use on the Azure Cloud.

Hassle-free downloads

Hassle-free downloads

Zulu won’t change your toolbar or scramble your search settings.

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